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Payroll Umbrella Services

Payroll umbrella services allow freelancers to carry out their activity with full autonomy, without setting up a legal structure and spending time on administration. And this with all the benefits of an employee.

For companies, the great advantage of the umbrella structure is to be able to call upon external competences based on their specific and ad hoc needs.

For Whom?

The payroll umbrella services (or salary hosting) is an ideal solution for different types of activities:

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You wish to concentrate on your core competencies without spending time on administrative tasks.
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New entrepreneur
You wish to test your market before setting up your own structure.
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Senior expert
Offering your expertise as
an external party.

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Employee or Active retired
You want an additional activity or a temporary work.
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Employed on interim basis or you wish to use payroll services as a springboard for an employment.
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Young graduate
To acquire an initial professional experience or as part of your studies.

and for companies

The payroll umbrella services is a simple and rapid solution for:

Start-up and new companies without administration structure
Businesses or organisations implementing short-term projects
Companies with limited resources in HR
Companies not wishing to increase headcount
Businesses in restructuring phase
Legal structures not established or registered in Switzerland

How does it work?

The payroll umbrella structure establishes a relationship committing 3 parties: the Contractor employee, the Client company and the Payroll umbrella company.

  • The contractor employee prospects his own clients and negotiates the terms of his assignment (e.g. specifications and fees).

  • The client company signs a service contract with Diligo. This contract specifies the terms of the assignment of the contractor employee in the client company.

  • Diligo signs an employment agreement with the contractor employee. The services provided by the contractor employee are invoiced to the client company by Diligo who then pays his or her salary.

The payroll umbrella structure establishes a relationship committing 3 parties: the Contractor employee, the Client company and the Payroll umbrella company.


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The freedom of a freelancer while keeping the advantages associated with the status of employee
Social protection : social insurance benefits, unemployment, pension, accident and loss of salary insurance
Hand over of the administrative, contractual and tax-related matters to Diligo
Full compliance with the current Swiss legislation (work permits, licenses, etc.)
A transparent and bespoke service
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Pragmatic, flexible and rapidly operational solution
Access to the skills and knowledge of a consultant or expert for a specific mission
Easy to manage: a single monthly invoice to pay
Cost control: services to be provided and fees are negotiated beforehand directly with the consultant
Full compliance of the legal status of the consultant (social insurances, work permit, etc.)

About us

Diligo LLC, Swiss umbrella company, is fully licensed for permanent placement and hiring of services throughout Switzerland and transborder activities. Licences granted by the Geneva Cantonal Employment Office and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Bern.

Diligo comes from Latin and means: to esteem and value highly, have regard for, to choose out, prize.

The knot in our logo is to represent commitment and agreement and also indicates the quality of relation between people.

Petra Mätzler
A graduate of the Hotel Management School in Lausanne and holder of a management control certificate from HEC Geneva, Petra began her career in sales and marketing for a hotel chain.
Subsequently, for 10 years, she worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) abroad and at the headquarter in Geneva in the field of management and finance.
In 2003 she chose to specialise in human resources and joined the Swiss Touring Club as HR Manager. Petra is also an IDC certified professional coach.
Jean-Bernard Rebord
An ESCEA-HES business economist and holder of a management control certificate from the HEC Geneva, Jean-Bernard began his career in the banking sector.
Then, for 9 years, he worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the field and at the headquarter in Geneva in the area of management and finance.
On the strength of these experiences, he joined the World Scout Bureau in 2005 as Director of Finance, Personnel and Administration. Jean-Bernard has been working since 2014 in the field of salary hosting.

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